Sunday, November 8, 2009

-365 1/4 days-

To my significant other

On this special day

I really want to thank you

For all the wonderful things that you do

For all the happiness that you gave

I know I’m not perfect

And always messing around

But thank you for your understanding

And patient that you always have

Thank you for colouring my life

Making my life complete

Thank you for always care for me

And loving me as much as you did

As for this remarkable day

With moment that start it all

I just want to tell you

“Ai shi teru”

And these three words

Will always beat in my heart

Sunday, November 1, 2009


kepada semua rakan2 yang disayangi sekalian...

aku nak ucapkan

selamat tabah dan sabar serta bersungguh2 menghadapi 'final exam!!!"

jangan stress2 yea dan semoga kita semua berjaya kelak~

ganbatte neeh minna-sannnnn